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About Us

gold leaf

We are professional and managed company, we are providing our clients new and innovative idea for their wall décor, by gold leaf and silver leaf gliding and with many more types of leafing, which is finishing your walls with wall covering, and wall papers, which gives an special effect to the interior and as well as exterior wall, we are having an unparalleled experience of wall finishing in the décor industry, we are in collaboration with our clients to bring their imagination into reality.

We are having a team of expert artist, painters, contractors, and applicants to give a new look to your wall. We are having interior designers, architects, and project head from all over the country, our company is offering all type of wall finish to our clients whether in corporate offices, hotels, residential, commercial, and also for housing project all over.

We are always giving a best wall finish to our clients, due to expert architect, and expert interior decorators, who are satisfying our customers around the world, because we are having an innovative wall finish technology, due to our artistic passion, and expert team.

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